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Selling a home is one of the more sizable tasks anyone will undertake in their lifetime. With the guidance of a seasoned professional like Stacy Lyn Dees on your side, this process can be memorable, exciting, and prosperous. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of Stacy’s most important tips about the selling process, and a few steps you can expect when you make your next move.


Step 1: Hire a professional

When it comes to some tasks, it is essential to hire a professional, and real estate is no exception. In addition to invaluable knowledge, experience, and connections, a licensed professional can help navigate complex contractual language, represent you during negotiations to ensure you are getting the best deal, and seamlessly guide you through any other issues which may arise. Thousands of statistical analyses have been conducted proving time and time again sellers who enlist the help of a licensed agent end up selling their home in a faster, more efficient manner, and for more money.


Step 2: Prepping to sell

There are a few finishing touches you can make to help your home truly shine and stand out. Investing in a professional deep clean will leave those who set foot in your home with a great overall impression. In some cases, minor updates can be simple, yet almost priceless investments. A fresh coat of paint, steam-cleaned carpets, and tightening up leaky faucets are small details that make all the difference in the world to persnickety buyers. Once your home is ready to go, Stacy will arrange for professional photography and/or videography to prepare a smart and attractive marketing campaign to compete in today’s fast-paced market.


Step 3: Professional marketing

After professional photography, Stacy will form a comprehensive marketing plan. In the age of social media, this can include lifestyle videos, YouTube walk-throughs, Instagram TV, reels, TikTok, and much more. Weekend open houses are great ways to get prospective buyers into your home without you having to head in and out on multiple occasions. Exclusive brokers-only open houses, seasonal home tours, and other showcases are also great ways to get your home in front of qualified parties and their brokers.


Step 4: Offers

When an offer is presented to Stacy, she will review it in its entirety and give you an honest opinion. If there are any unfavorable terms in the offer, Stacy can negotiate those so you end up with more acceptable conditions. Stacy is diligent, detail-oriented, and scrupulous, and will ensure you fully understand each aspect of your contract and are happy, comfortable, and ready to proceed onward.


Step 5: Escrow

After both parties have signed the paperwork, you will enter into escrow. During this time, the buyer will be entitled to perform an independent inspection of the home to uncover any hidden matters. Concurrently, the title company and their team will perform due diligence on the property’s history to ensure the buyers receive a clean bill of sale. After getting through the inspection period, it’s a good idea to begin packing up, making reservations for movers, and arranging for professional cleaning.


Step 6: Closing day

Prior to closing, you will need to make arrangements with the title company regarding your proceeds. The title company can issue a cashier's check to you, or they can send a wire. Wire instructions should be verbally confirmed with the title company. After both parties have signed and their funds have been received, you will have officially closed on your home, the new owners can pick up their keys, and you should receive your proceeds from the sale within a day or so.

Stacy Lyn Dees is an experienced professional boasting a track record of success. With a solid plan to get your home sold quickly, efficiently, and for the most money possible, she is one of the greatest assets to have on your side. Contact Stacy to see what your home is worth today.


Once you have sold your home, you’re free to take the next step on your journey. Whether this is relocating to a new city, moving into a larger home, or downsizing and enjoying your life as empty-nesters, knowing all your selling responsibilities have been taken care of will help you achieve peace of mind for your new path.

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