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Welcome to Waikiki, Kaka’ako, Downtown Honolulu

Vibrantly urban with high-rise luxury condominiums, history, and surfing
Waikiki, Kaka’ako, and Downtown Honolulu come together in a lively patchwork of vintage Waikiki architecture and history, chic resorts and spas, high-rise luxury condominiums, and surfer flecked beaches, tourists, upscale dining establishments, and craft cocktail bars and lounges. Residents love these neighborhoods for their lively vibes. There is always something to do and people to meet. 
Real estate in Downtown Honolulu showcases some of the area's most sought-after high-rise condominiums with rooftop pools and breathtaking coastal views. Kaka’ako is up and coming with bars, restaurants, street art, and festivals, gaining popularity as an area for scenic waterfront and neighborhood bike rides. Waikiki beaches, where the legendary Duke Kahanamoku, a.k.a “Father of Surfers,” established his legacy and captivated locals and tourists alike. Hawaii International Airport is a 15-minute or less drive from Waikiki, Kaka’ako, or Downtown Honolulu, making it an excellent place for visitors or frequent travelers.
These districts deliver art and culture at the Honolulu Museum of Art in Downtown Honolulu, Park West Art Museum and Gallery in Waikiki, and in the street murals of Kaka’ako. Though all three neighborhoods have an artistic flair, each possesses its own character. Downtown Honolulu is metropolitan, a business mecca but also great for dining and lively nights on the town. Kaka’ako is the place for live music, cafes, and fine dining. Waikiki is luxurious and touristy with upscale hotels, spas, surfing, and Ala Wai Golf Course. Residents love the unique flavors of their district but relish the convenience of living within 10 minutes of the others. 

What to Love

  • 15-minute or less drive to Hawaii International Airport
  • Beaches surfed by Duke Kahanamoku
  • Festivals, fine dining, bars, and shopping
  • High-rise luxury condominiums
  • Art museums and street murals

Local Lifestyle

These districts are alive with an urban flare. Though you can enjoy some serious relaxation at the spas and beaches of Waikiki, these areas will not put you to sleep. Downtown Honolulu is a mecca for businesses, fitness centers, restaurants, museums, and high-rise luxury. Waikiki delivers spas, shopping, and surfing. Kaka’ako is hip with chic farm-to-table restaurants, craft cocktail bars, breweries, and dazzling murals. These are places to be out and about, ready for a delightful day or night of fun. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Salt at Our Kaka’ako, a shopping center with a casual, hipster vibe, showcases artisan coffee shops, farm-to-table eateries, a chocolatier, a juice shop, a spa, boutique apparel shops, and an outdoor dining patio surrounded by murals. Senia, an upscale American and Hawaiian-inspired restaurant in Downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown, seats only eight, making each dining experience specialized, intimate, and memorable. Chef Anthony Rush actively connects with local farmers and foragers to gather ingredients for his dishes and cocktails that are indeed a work of art. 
Livestock Tavern, an upscale American-fare restaurant also in Chinatown, serves a brunch and supper menu with entrées such as their Scallop Mushroom Risotto served with bay scallops, a lemon truffle broth, and king oyster mushrooms. Morimoto Asia, an upscale, beachfront Japanese restaurant in Waikiki, serves a dinner menu with fresh seafood dishes like Ishiyaki Buri Bop, prepared with seared Hamachi, spinach, pickled daikon, carrot, egg yolk, royal fern, sweet ginger soy, and a yuzu sauce. Duke’s Waikiki, known for its seafood dishes, has a gorgeous beachfront patio and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and tropical-themed cocktails.

Things to Do

Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki, and Kaka’ako are some of the most active areas in Honolulu regarding musical performances, festivals, and street fairs. Waikiki Shell and Neal S. Blaisdell Center is a large, outdoor shell-shaped stage in Kapiolani Park hosting touring musicians, festivals, and other events. Kaka’ako, known for its street murals and art scene, boasts street art festivals hosted by Pow! Pow! Hawaii
Hawaii Food and Wine Festival tours Waikiki, Downtown Honolulu, and Kaka’ako restaurants. Downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown hosts an annual Cinco De Mayo Block Party and Hallowbaloo, a Halloween festival fun for all ages. If you’d like to explore more of what the entire island has to offer, check out Oahu’s Event Calendar.



The Hawaii Department of Education serves Waikiki, Kaka’ako, and Downtown Honolulu.

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